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My View of the Visual Method

Before we can talk we sit and watch the world around us through our eyes. Our first connection to life begins through what we can see; how we look into people and upon the world. 

The visual allows us to have a certain connection to life that other sensory modalities struggle to convey. This is certainly the case when sitting upon a cliff face in the freezing cold of winter, watching the sun fall behind mountains. It is not coldness that keeps many from those peaks, nor encroaching darkness and a sense of isolation. It is not their aching knees from a long hike, or the thoughts of a warm bed at home. Rather, it is a burning desire to truly 'see' the world around us.

I believe that the visual can help us breath life into worlds we often forget. By visualising a child hard at work in the slums of India, the frozen peaks of a mountain top, or the verdant life of forests we are connected to those places and peoples and led to appreciate them more than we often do. My photography is fundamentally driven by this desire to acknowledge and protect those subjects I observe, and to share them with others. I hope my work allows you to connect to those places and people as it has allowed me. 

Always, with the Warmest of Regards,

Tristan Stuart.