Livyatan, by Tristan Stuart. Tasmania.


Scrambling along the rocks for several hours I came across this site. I’m standing upon a precipice many meters high, with waves that have travelled for many hundreds of miles across the long and empty Southern Ocean, crashing like thunder against this ancient coast. My heart beats, like the sounds of a loud drum, coming from my chest. But it’s pale and weak when compared to the next crash of wave upon the rock.

I brace myself as water rushes towards me, spray covers my body. My hands, squeeze tightly to the hard black rock with my left, and my tripod with my right. Boom, another wave echoes across the landscape like groans from the center of the earth. I feel alive, balancing on the boundary between beauty and death.

Fortunately, the great mother lets me walk free today, she too wants the world to remember her beauty.



Artist Proof | 5
Limited Edition | 100

F.Stop | 16
Shutter Speed | 3.2