Avalon, by Tristan Stuart, Tasmania.


The image Avalon, promises of a new hope, and seeks to identify the possible future of a new social paradigm towards a green modernity. To help express the idea of a modernity that takes account for nature, I have reincarnated the mythological tale of Avalon. This was a land talked about in Arthurian legend, as an island paradise at the edge of the human world. A kind of heaven on earth where people may retreat to in death. 

I think this mythological place however, is not a land that has become lost to history and story telling, but is in actuality a material reality that may very well come to be a lived future; and manifested paradise of human culture. It is a place that may come to be, if the mechanisms of society can come to a align themselves with nature. This is a territory that may emerge from the currently, misty notions of 'symbiosis' between humanity and nature. 

The scene captures a small region of the Styx forest in Tasmania. The Styx's forest is home to the tallest hardwood trees on the planet, the Eucalyptus Ragnans. Some of these trees have been known to grow up to 114m tall and live around 400 years. Vast sections of the forest have been logged and it still remains threatened by industrial pressures. I hope the image conveys, not just a rare and endangered species of flora, but also the power of nature, the great heights it can reach, and also the great difficulty human culture has in achieving such heights. It is only recently that our technologies have been capable of reaching the heights that the Eucalyptus Ragnans have known for generations.



Artist Proof | 5
Limited Edition | 100

F.Stop | 16
Shutter Speed | 1/200