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Images come in a range of Standard, Limited Edition, and Artist Proof editions.  Standard Edition prints include images that have no maximum limit on the print run of those images.  

Limited Edition prints are the most well worked and sought after images. These typically have a maximum print run of 100, although this varies according to projects.  These are collectable items and with ongoing sales have a continued growth of retail value with successive sale.  A request for a ‘Statement of Value’ can be ordered from Tristan Stuart Photography.

Artist Proof prints are rare images that were personally used by Tristan Stuart for the original creation, inspection, and final development of Limited Edition Prints.  For this reason these prints may not hold the same colour renditions, sizes, or composition of Limited Edition versions.

All Limited Edition and Artist Proof prints come with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.  These certificates include un-replicatble wax signatures, in traditional sealing waxes.

Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity.jpg

Print dimensions come in a variety of sizes, however Tristan Stuart may recommend a size which most effectively displays the detail, and colour of images. However, images can be prepared in any size. If you have a preferred size you can include these dimensions in the 'request quote' form.


Work is framed in rare Tasmanian woods, handcrafted by Nitchi Design. From left to right these timbers are as following: Blackwood, Celery Top Pine, Huon Pine, Myrtle, Silver Wattle, Sassafras, Leatherwood, and Tasmanian Oak. Additionally, we offer standard black and white framing also. Alternatively custom frames can be organised upon request.

For further framing information refer to:


All images are printed on a mix of the highest grade archival papers, using a Lambda printer using modern laser technology and traditional photochemical development. This enables the highest possible colour luminosity and sharpness. These materials and technologies ensure over 100 years of quality in normal conditions.

Limited edition numbers are hand written by Tristan Stuart on the reverse of the image using traditional permanent 'iron gall' inks. While some photographers prefer to include signatures on the front of their work, Tristan Stuart believes his work is unique and identifiable enough to stand for itself without the need of signatures taking away from the purity of the image. In addition to this, certificates of authenticity are also included with all images.


Processing & Shipping Information

Due to custom  selection of sizes and frames, please allow up to five weeks for processing.  Once payment is received orders follow a rigorous process of production and quality checking.  This process involves laser development of the image on archival papers, quality checking, framing is organised if requested, following further quality checking, which upon completion orders are shipped.

International shipping is available on all orders. All orders are currier mailed that may require a signature upon delivery.

Tristan Stuart Photography fully insures shipping on all orders up until delivery of the package from the carrier. Insurance by Tristan Stuart Photography covers all tears, significant folds of prints, and, identifiable colour damage of your orders up until receipt of your order. Refer to returns policy for further information.

Once orders are shipped customers will be provided with tracking information if available through the currier via email.

The applicability or non-applicability of any import taxes on shipping outside of Australia is the full responsibility of the consumer. Tristan Stuart Photography does not offer any advice or information on these matters.


Returns Policy

In accordance with Tristan Stuart Photography insurance policy, damaged orders may be returned for replacement.  The cost of return postage is not covered by Tristan Stuart Photography.

If consumers are dissatisfied with purchases, they may return products within 10 working days of receipt. Return postage is not covered by Tristan Stuart Photography.  All returned work must be in its original condition, any damaged work will not be refunded. Due to custom selection of framing, image sizing, and cost of services, the, printing, framing, original shipping fee, and handling will not be refunded.

Please use the contact tab to request return address details.


Privacy Policy

Any personal information collected by Tristan Stuart Photography is confidential and used only for the purposes of sales and consumer services. No personal information is distributed to any third parties other than for sales purposes, see ‘Sales Security’ for further information.

All sales are operated through Stripe. Stripe is a certified Payment Card Industry (PCI) service provider, level 1. This is the highest level of externally reviewed online payment security.


Consumer Services

Statements of value may be requested through the contact tab of this website. Statements of value are intended for the purposes of insurance and collector interest.  The statement represents the current value of limited edition and artist proof work. These statements should not be shared or distributed beyond the owner.

For advice on protecting your investment please request an 'Advice for Protecting Your Print' document through the contact page of this website.

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