This image was captured on Tasmania's South Coast several hours after sunset. As the night slowly crept forward a soft green light began to spread across the night sky. The longer I watched, freezing on my little rock, the more I began to see the colour emerge from the shadows of night.

The beautiful colours were accompanied by a strange haunting sound of grinding as the pebbles on the rock beach beneath my feet were dragged into the ocean by the pull of the waves, and then pushed once more, back onto the shore.

Waves sucked outwards in a smooth pulling sound, like drinking a smoothy from a straw, only to crash, shattered-glass like upon rocks surfacing from the water. The wind whipped the ocean's surface into the air and sprayed spittle across my face.

As I sat there under the emerald night, my breath fell into tune with the breath of nature and we existed together for a moment, as one being. My body also scattered across the landscape and my breath caressing mountain peaks.



Artist Proof | 5
Limited Edition | 100

F.Stop | 16
Shutter Speed | 30