the shores of lake gordon

The Shores of Lake Gordon, by Tristan Stuart, Tasmania.


My legs are sore, my back hurts, the path is overgrown and I'm battling my way through bushes as much as past them, on this forgotten and un-walked track. I take a step upward, closer toward the summit, a bush grabs hold of my pack throwing me downward. I pick myself up, my tired knees crack under so much weight. Metal tripods, heavy cameras, alternative lens, tents, food, and all the other necessaries feel more like burdens than assets. 

The sun is starting to slowly sink behind the mountain ranges. Heavy rain hasn't stopped pouring for hours. My water proof boots, mud covered, and full of water, don't feel so water proof anymore. The sting of wind whips my face again. My body is hot and cold, sweating but shivering, it's like flu symptoms without the flu. I pause to take a breath and my knees rattle and legs shudder like old train tracks in the subway. 

My goal, the summit, is hidden from sight. Hidden by the protruding rock face that has happily feasted on my supple legs and hands, as they've bent, slipped, and scrapped themselves along its surface. But my intention remains, and I march forward. My destination finally reached. The mountain rewards me with a gaze, as I look upon the shores of Lake Gordon.



Artist Proof | 3
Limited Edition | 25

F.Stop | 8
Shutter Speed | 1/250